Leonard Enns

composer, conductor, Monarda Music

Three for Two


Three for Two is in three movements, with no pause between the first twomovements.  The first and third movements are contrapuntal dialogues between the saxophone and piano – the first movement has a serious but song-like quality, while the third begins as a fairly strict canon but has acelebrative and jaunty quality.  The middle movement is a lyrical reverie, broken briefly for a more expressive outburst.     

The work was written in January 2006, during a sabbatical from ConradGrebel University College, Waterloo Ontario.    Although Three for Two is intended to be performed as a complete work, with no interruption between the first two movements,  each movement may also be performed separately. 


Total performance duration:  ca. 8'30"

1st Movement:  2'15"

2nd Movement: 4'10"

3rd Movement:  2'05"